The 3 Signs That Will Tell You If A Man Is Scared Of A Commitment

We all know that men can be scared when we talk about commitment. It’s just that not all men are man enough to admit that. What happens next is that the ladies will be left hanging with the thought in their minds of what is going on. If you want to know if the man you are seeing is afraid of commitment, check these signs that will tell you if he is a chicken when it comes to relationships.

1. Mixed Signals

It is annoying, but it’s true that guys send mix signals to women when they are scared to commit. There will be a point whereas he acts as if he loves you, then all of a sudden he will make you feel like you are trapped in a friend zone. He could also be a casual jerk at times, but the bottom line is that he will make you confused.

2. Sex Expertise

Do you consider yourself lucky because your man is good in bed? Try to give it a second thought. If your status is not clear, but you are having sex, it could be the only thing he wants to give you. His expertise comes from all the sexual experiences he has because it is the only kind of relationship he has under his belt.

3. Last Minutes Dates

If this is happening to any girls out there, it’s time to let go of the guy you are seeing. It means you are not that important for him to be committed in a relationship. If your dates are always last minute, it’s because you are the last option when all his priorities are out.

There is nothing wrong if you want to give your guy the benefit of the doubt, but you should also know when to call it quits if there is no shed of light that he will ever be ready for the kind of commitment you deserve.

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