The 3 Things That Will Give You A Hint If Your Man Is Insecure

I bet no man would want to admit that they are insecure about something. It is because of their ego, but in reality, guys are as vulnerable as the ladies. Even if guys don’t want to admit it, there are some ways for you to know if your man is insecure. Check out these things that will help you evaluate your man’s insecurities.

1. Spending all the time together

We cannot question this most especially during the early stages of the relationship. It is normal because it is the point where the two of you are still getting to know each other. If you have been in a relationship for a while and your man still wants to spend all your free time together, it is already a sign of insecurity. The both of you should still have some time away from each other like when you hang out with friends.

2. Making you feel guilty

Women are equal to men. Some tasks can be done without the help of the guys, and if it will be an issue that your man will bring up, it is not a good sign. There are instances that we tend to forget to send a message, and if that will always be a big deal for him, then your man is suffering from insecurities.

3. He’s always popping out

We have all heard the dictum that we should not butt in if we are not needed in a conversation. Of course, it’s right. If you are talking to people and he just have the habit of making his presence felt all the time by butting in or the likes of it, it is an insecurity sign.

If you can notice all these things to your man, it is important that the two of you will have a talk. You need to make sure that he gets it out of his system because it can ruin whatever relationship you have.