When we are single, we manage to think about all our flaws. What we do is find out a lot of things that will help us to understand things. Budi Velnik is here to help. Check out the books that we recommend that will give a new meaning in your dating life.

The Power Of The Pussy
Author: Kara King

It is the book that will empower women on how they can manipulate things to go their way. It is one great attribute that men will never have. There is nothing to worry about ladies because even if you are dating someone who is not your ideal man, there is still a way to turn him to be the man of your dreams.

The Tao Of Dating
Author: Ali Binazir MD

If you are someone who is having some problems getting the guys attention, better check this book out because it can be the way so you can turn out to be the woman that men will not be able to resist no matter how much they try.

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